Innova - 2017 McPro Glow Roc3

Innova - 2017 McPro Glow Roc3

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Mold - Roc3

Plastic - Glow

Color - White

Stamp - Flat Blue

Weight - 175g

The McGlow Roc3 is the same mold as the popular Champion Roc3, but molded in a durable KC Glow material.

This is the mid-range disc that you have been waiting for. The flight that McPro Roc3 fans have come to love, now in KC Glow plastic! Designed from the popular Champion Roc3 mold, "McGlow Roc3" is custom-tailored for 4x World Champion Paul McBeth. Paul wanted a Roc3 that he could season into a finesse workhorse and this is end result. The KC Glow material allows throwers to slowly season the disc into that "sweet spot" for the desired flight that will last many rounds.