DGA - Squall  (brand logo)

DGA - Squall (brand logo)

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Mold - Squall

Plastic -  Proline

Color - White

Stamp -  Black & Red

Weight - 173-174g


The DGA Squall mid range disc is a revolutionary mid range with driver like grip and incredible speed.

One of the fastest mid range discs available, you can use this disc to drive short holes, and find the basket on challenging mid-range shots. The ProLine Squall is considered slightly under stable and will hold very long anhyzers, as well as any flip to flat lines. This disc truly is a game changer and will make even then most seasoned players drop their go-to mid-range disc and pick up a Squall!

The Squall in ProLine plastic will have superior grip and will achieve its intended flight characteristics earlier in its lifespan than in SP Line plastic. Try one today and take your mid-range game to the next level!

DGA ProLine plastic blends are tough, tacky and have incredible performance. The ProLine plastic blend features increased marbling, pearling, and aesthetic appeal. DGA ProLine plastic is recommended for players that are looking for increased grip and durability, balanced with high performance flight qualities. ProLine style plastic will take less time to beat in and will reach its intended flight characteristics faster than the DGA SP Line blend. ProLine plastic is one of two DGA premium plastic blends and is an excellent compliment to the SP Line.